Repairs and Alterations

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We are also now offering cleaning services!! Turn around time is 2 weeks. Call us for more info.

Alterations & Repairs Details:
If you were wondering if we do Alterations & Repairs, the answer is YES.
We are able to do repairs & alterations on most leather apparel, such as
Leather Jackets, Leather Pants, Leather Shirts, Leather Skirts, Leather
Coats, Leather Vests, Etc... So you can send in your new or old leather
goods for alterations or repairs by our experts.
We do need to analyse weather the item is to the reach of our experts in
the alterations department, so we need you to contact us before you send
your items in.
We cannot work on hard-case leather, such as the one saddle bags, biker
toolbags, boots, shoes and some accessories, so be sure to consult with us
before mailing items in.
Thanks for shopping with us.
Leather Alterations, Repairs, Embroidery & More