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More information about San Diego Leather

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If not satisfied we will exchange or refund promptly. Just sent back unused within 3 weeks and give us your invoice number and instructions. Refunds will be the purchase price less freight and custom alterations like longer sleeves or slimming jackets. When buying in November and December we automatically extend our return policy to January 15 of the next year. We know that you may be buying presents for friends and loved ones.

All jackets are available to the public at factory discount prices. We make every effort to give customers the best & lowest prices we can and be able to makea profit to be able to stay in business for valued customers like you, if a mistake is made on one of our web pages for any item because of a typo or a mistake in grammar, please understand that the prices cannot be modified to accomodate that mistake, we are a small family owned business and open to the public we may sometimes be a tardy in updating price changes online, so we hope you understand and would not try to take advanatge of an honest business. Our USA made jackets can be ordered in a variety of leathers, colors and sizes an the price will vary depending on the model, size and type of leather. If not on hand we will gladly manufacture them.

Delivery Time
If your jacket is not on hand or you have ordered custom options, it will be manufactured and shipped as soon as it is ready. It usually takes about 2 -3 weeks to make a jacket. Imported jackets are subject to the manufaturer backordering items if stock is out on a particular item and could vary in the timeline depending on the supplier's   You won't be charged until we are ready to ship. At the end of the business day we will e-mail your order number and let you know that we have sent your order or when we will send it. If you don't hear from us please e-mail sales@leather.com or give us a call.

Quality Materials
We use the best quality materials--leather, lining fabric, knit ribbing, interfacing and zippers.

Quality Workmanship
Our jackets are sewn with care. We use our own contoured pattern designs which follow your body shape and have hand set sleeves. Most jackets today are made with flat patterns.  We frequently sew one jacket at a time which is why it takes a while if your size is not on hand.  The jacket is cut and the goes to fusing where we put non woven fusible interfacing on the pattern pieces that require it. Then one sewer completely sews the jacket.  The lining is made up and the jacket is lined, inspected, boxed and shipped to you.  We may have as many as 1000 individual orders moving through our plant.

Construction Warranty on our USA made Jackets
We guarantee stitching for 5 years and zippers for 5 years on our USA made jackets.

Construction Warranty on other manufacturers
We guarantee stitching for and lining for 90 days. Imported Jackets are carefully purchased and carry  a 90 day guarantee against defects. Jackets needing repair can be sent back with a note and freight back.

After the Warranty Period
If you have a problem that is not covered by our Warranty or happens after the 90 days on Imported Jackets or 5 years on USA made jackets please do contact us. San Diego Leathers policy is to help you and we can usually offer inexpensive expert repair remedies.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is very important to San Diego Leather and we take it very seriously. San Diego Leather does not sell or rent personally, identifiable information to third parties.

If you choose to purchase products from our site or call an order in, you will need to provide the following information so that we can fulfill your order: Name, Contact Phone Number(s), Mailing Address, Shipping Address, E-mail Address and, if you are purchasing products, Credit Card Account Information.

San Diego Leather, Inc and its affiliates may use your personally, identifiable information to deliver information to you that may be targeted to your interests, to improve San Diego Leather’s marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze site usage, or to improve our content and product offerings. San Diego Leather, Inc may use your e-mail address, mailing address, or phone number to contact you regarding administrative matters, billing, and special promotions or to provide associated support.

San Diego Leather, Inc. may use "profile information" to create aggregate reports (with information such as user demographics and traffic patterns) that can be shared with our business partners to create personalized content and services. However, "profile information" is anonymous and does not contain personally identifiable information.

San Diego Leather, Inc. reserves the right to cooperate fully with state, local and federal officials in any investigation relating to this web site or its contents (including personal or private electronic communication transmitted on this web site) or purported illegal activities of any user.

If, for any reason, you wish not to be on our electronic mail list, please send a message to nancy@leather.com and we will gladly remove you from our list.

Custom Designs
We have been known to make up custom designs and orders such a Planet of the Apes costumes and jackets for 20th Century Fox but these jobs are  expensive and involve a lot of next day air shipping back and forth.

Customize alterations to a Jacket
What we can do for you which is pretty much fool proof and inexpensive is add inches here and there on any of our USA made jackets.  For instance, if you receive a style but want it 2 inches slimmer (cost is $20.00), or 1 inch longer or shorter on the sleeve (cost is 10.00), 2 inches more on the bust (cost is 25.00). We can to that. But.....we need you to have tried on our regular size first. This way we know you that you like the leather, the quality and the general fit of the style you select. If the new jacket made with your alterations doesn't fit you can still exchange of refund it, but the cost of the alteration is not refundable.

Custom design changes to a USA made style
One of the most popular changes is to add addition inside pockets--breast style ($10.00) or a gun pocket ($20.00). We also can make a style up with a different collar ($20.00) or front pocket ($10.00).  If for any reason you are unhappy with the jacket or need the size to be exchanged the basic price of the jacket is refundable but not the extra charges.  Please give us three weeks to make it up.

Leather Furniture
We have a gigantic selection of leather Sofas, Love seats and Recliners but have not set up a way to ship across the country. Please stop in to see them and take advantage of our discount prices. We do not manufacture leather furniture but we do carry a selection from 3 California manufactures that supply us with custom sectionals as well as the tradition furniture. And we carry furniture imported from Italy, Indonesia, China and other countries.

Returns and Exchanges Policy
Please send us only unused jackets.  If a jacket does not fit we want you to exchange it right away. If it is not what you expected please send it back for a refund.  A leather jacket is an item of apparel that will last through many seasons and give a lot of enjoyment over the years. It shouldn't be sitting in the back of your closet. We limit the time of exchange or refund to three weeks from receipt. We do this because we don't want to resell used and aged merchandise.

Send back within 3 weeks of receipt
Please give us your invoice number and request a refund. As soon as we open the box we will issue a refund check of all but the freight plus any custom alterations or changes and mail you a receipt.  We would like know the reason for the return, too. It will help us to give you better service. If you need a copy of the invoice we can e-mail it to you.

Send back within 3 weeks of receipt
Please give us your invoice number and request an exchange. As soon as we open the box we will make a new order for you. We will charge or refund the difference to you as soon as we have your new jacket or item ready to ship.   If the jacket you need will have to be made, you may call ahead and have us start your order. This will save 1 week's production time. Special orders take about 3 weeks to make. The often come through earlier but sometimes take a longer.

Many companies increase the retail prices of their merchandise to cover freight back but we do not. We sell to you at our lowest possible price which is why we don't pay freight back. UPS ground costs 17.95 to contiguous USA on most jacket and $5.00 to 15.00 more on heavier styles. Most jackets fit the first time. We cab advise you on what most customers would select if they were here at the factory outlet.

Sometimes our customers spend an hour in the factory trying to decide if they like a size medium better than a small on a particular jacket.  Fit is very subjective.  We try to guess your size from our experience with customers trying on specific styles but we are not always right. Measurements don't tell body and muscle density or personal preferences in fit. Please use what we say plus your own intuition to decide on size when you order.

Shipping method
We prefer UPS because they are efficient and handle any claims for lost jackets quickly. Most jackets run about 17.95 freight which will be added to your order. But we will ship by Fed Ex or US Mail. If you wish us send by Fed Ex, Airborne or UPS and bill your company's freight account number please give us instructions under comments on the order form.

We require a $20.00 deposit to ship COD.  UPS no longer collects cash so a cashiers check or money order would be needed for the balance.

Overseas Orders
Until a safer procedure can be established against fraud we are unable to take credit cards against overseas orders from new customers.  We do accept bank wires and Western Union payments.

Western Union
When sending by Western Union please made the wire payable to San Diego Leather Jacket Factory, attention: Ma rio Estolano, owner.

Leather Care
Leather needs to be conditioned from time to time and protected from drying out.

Smooth leathers should have leather lotion applied. We recommend 2-4 times a year. This seals the leather against staining and adds moisture to keep it from drying out. The sun and home furnaces can dry out leather goods).

Find a product your like (many say for boots and shoes) and test it on the inside facing of the jacket. If you are happy with it, then apply sparingly but regularly with a soft cloth. On tough surfaces like most cowhides and goatskins the lotion will clean loose dirt and prevent ground in dirt if used regularly. On soft leathers like lamb it will help to seal the skin and retard soiling.  We prefer wax free lotions.

When using any leather lotion please don't bear down or scrub the leather as that will damage the surface.

Waterproofing spray can be applied to suede, Shearling and smooth leathers and is a great value. It makes rain water bead right off. On soft leathers like lambskin it prevents water stains from coffee spills, etc.  When used under the arms it can help prevent salt stains from perspiration. Always follow the instructions on the can.  It takes about half a can per jacket and lasts up to one year. Test first on the inside of your jacket.

Dry Cleaning
We recommend putting this procedure off as long as possible.  If treated carefully and lotion is applied regularly most jackets can go 4-5 years without having to be sent to the leather cleaners. Some of the problems that occur are shrinking, color fading, color looking like plastic after its restored and dryness. 

When is comes time to clean your jacket have a local dry cleaner that you trust to send it out for you. 

Leather Furniture
We have a gigantic selection of leather Sofas, Love seats and Recliners but have not set up a way to ship across the country. Please stop in to see them and take advantage of our discount prices. We do not manufacture leather furniture but we do carry a selection from 3 California manufactures that supply us with custom sectionals as well as the tradition furniture. And we carry furniture imported from Italy, Indonesia, China and other countries.