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Repairs and Alterations

Contact us for details via email at: bobby@leather.com

or call us at:

(619) 477-2900

We are also now offering cleaning services!! Turn around time is 2 weeks. Call us for more info.

Alterations & Repairs Details:
If you were wondering if we do Alterations & Repairs, the answer is YES.
We are able to do repairs & alterations on most leather apparel, such as
Leather Jackets, Leather Pants, Leather Shirts, Leather Skirts, Leather
Coats, Leather Vests, Etc... So you can send in your new or old leather
goods for alterations or repairs by our experts.
We do need to analyse weather the item is to the reach of our experts in
the alterations department, so we need you to contact us before you send

your items in. If you are outside our state or city and you are unable to

come in the showroom, you can email us images and requests to our
email at tony@leather.com or text us at (747) 529-0500 (Text Only) or call
us on our land line at (619) 477-2900.

Here is a few of the most popular repairs and alterations we can do for you and the pricing.

Repair or Alteration Price
Shorten Sleeeves (Plain Sleeves, Button or Snap or Cutting Zipper Sleeves) $35
Hem on Pants or Chaps $25
Replacing Inside Liner (Only Black or Brown Liner Colors Available) $95
Installing Side Entry Pockets on Military bomber Jackets $75
Replacing Front Zippers on Jackets, Vests and Chaps $75
Replace Knot Cuffs and Wasit on Bomber Jackets $75
Cleaners Services for Leather Apparel Only $85
Sew Patches on Jackets $10
Sew Patches On Vests $7
We cannot work on hard-case leather, such as saddle bags, biker toolbags,
boots, shoes and some accessories, so be sure to consult with us before mailing
items in.
Thanks for shopping with us.
Leather Alterations, Repairs, Embroidery & More
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